Meet The Band

Freyja Greenslade

Singer / Rhythm Guitar

Freyja's love of performance has been with her from a very young age. Most notibly her time in musical theatre giving her a confidence and powerful edge that isn't seen in most young artists. Being the front women and rhythm guitarist, she provides the energy needed to put on a real show and is the unique voice behind cadaver beach's tracks.

Becca Lowe


Becca is a young drummer with a prominent playing style that focuses on providing the heartbeat for every Cadaver Beach track. Her drumming is greatly influenced by artists such as Muse, Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance, these combined with her own personal touches perfectly sets the stage for her bandmates to tear the roof down.

Kian Welsh

Lead Guitar

Having gigged solo around local pubs, Kian found his spark for performance and built his musical skills to become the eclectic lead guitarist he is today. His vibrant stage presence and technical guitar solos have the soul and body of 80s Thrash Metal and 90s Alternative British Rock, his songwriting being built around these influences. Alongside his fellow bandmates, he has an electric presence on stage, his passionate playing reflecting this.

Taylor Blan


Taylor is a passionate young musician who loves to write songs, play bass, guitar and has a wide catalogue of music that influences and inspires what he plays and writes. Taylor lives for performing on stage and loves the rush of a crowd enjoying the music he makes.